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About UsHello from Nurse Barbie!

I have always wanted to be a nurse and help others for as long as I can remember. RN Student on a four year program, I believe in helping other students from experience. That is my way of paying it forward, and karma always pays us back.

We are Nursing Students Helping Students Pass.

Be our Study Buddy, we have a group of 7 to 10 people that study hard and share ideas on how to make it through nursing school. Email us night or day – Nurse Barbie will email you back around our class schedules, clinicals, and mass.

We use Test Banks for Nursing Textbooks.

Test Banks contain questions/answers, sometimes there are rationales, power points, and instructor teaching tips then they are included in the test bank, but that is based on the publisher. Instructor Manuals are included with the Test Bank, if they are available.

We combine as much information and notes as we can get into the test banks.

We edit and add to them to create the ultimate study guide that got us through the class. Nursing school test banks began in our classes in  medical surgical, advanced med surgical, and then fundamentals of nursing. The more classes we take, the more subjects we completed in class, as our experience grew we were able to put together Class Subjects and list them on nursingtestbanks.co.

Test bank questions/answers/rationales may only change 1 to 2 questions or MANY on the next edition, but again that depends on what the publisher edits.

You can go into each test bank and at the bottom in Description you can see a Chapter with the exact questions/answers/rationales.

They follow your textbook – you get all of the chapters.

PLEASE READ our Study Guides.

Nurse Barbie says, “For 1 class we use 2 sometimes 3 test banks, you want the one that matches your textbook, or (edition close to it if it isn’t available yet). You are gonna have to get creative and check out other test banks by author and find-what your Instructor is using, for advice and more help read our Study Guides !”

Use this website, look at the Class Subjects: list on the right-hand side of the pages and go into your class subject and then into each one of the different authors and read the sample at the bottom of each test bank. See if anything matches what you had on your exam. Join Us – get good grades.

GOOD LUCK, Nurse Barbie & study buddies!