Customer Service

Customer Service
How 2 Order & Download
  • BUY FROM A CELL PHONE - FORCED DOWNLOAD After payment-WAIT-Files will Automatically Download from the Internet and should unzip into chapters, if not go to your laptop and open your Email Inbox or Spam download the files OR Use the Downloads (page) on the website to download the files.
  • BUY FROM A COMPUTER - FORCED DOWNLOAD After payment-WAIT-Files will Automatically Download from the Internet and should unzip into chapters.
  • PROBLEMS? Use the Request Tech Support (page) we will email the file UNZIPPED into chapters for you.
Get Your Downloads? 4 Methods
  1. FORCED DOWNLOAD: After payment-WAIT-files willAutomatically Download from the Internet and will end up in one of two places: Desktop or Downloads folder on your computer.
  2. EMAIL RECEIPT: has the Download link to your file. If you do not see it-Check your SPAM folder.
  3. DOWNLOADS (page) Log In-View Order-CLICK on TEST BANK to Download. You have 5 copies here.
  4. REQUEST TECH SUPPORT (page) Send us a message and we will email it.
24-Hour File Download Guarantee - Delivery Policy


Use the REQUEST TEST SUPPORT (page) we will email you the file within 24 hours.

PLEASE BE PATIENT, we attend DAY/NIGHT classes, clinicals, and mass.

We will EMAIL you DAILY/NIGHTLY up until 11:00 PM.

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Refund Policy


DESCRIPTION on each product shows a chapter with the exact questions/answers/rationales.

YOU checkmark the box at purchase agreeing to terms & conditions: All Sales are Final, No Returns.

We are constantly buying and adding more resources.

We Refund if you bought the same file twice from us.

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