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Can I get a coupon for Nursing Test Banks dot Co?

YES, use this coupon for 10% OFF each product – Type in coupon code: nursingtestbanks.co on the check out page.

When I buy a nursing test bank, Do I get all of the chapters?

YES, YOU GET ALL OF THE CHAPTERS. The Nursing Test Bank follows the table of contents in your textbook.

How can I get a test bank chapter?  

GO into each nursing test bank at the bottom in Description to SEE A CHAPTER with the exact questions, answers, and rationales.

Where can I buy nursing test banks?

Test Banks includes all the nursing test banks in every class subject you need to get a good grade in your nursing program.

How do I Download my nursing test bank?

4 WAYS TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES: (Download the file 1 time and you own it forever on your computer.)

1. RE-DIRECTED DOWNLOAD: After payment-WAIT-it will go to the next page and YOU HAVE TO CLICK on TEST BANK button and it will Automatically Download files and they will end up in one of two places: Desktop or Downloads folder on your computer.

2. EMAIL FROM US: has the Download link to your file. If you do not see it-Check your SPAM folder.

3. DOWNLOADS (page) Log In-View Order-CLICK on TEST BANK to Download. You have 5 copies here.

4. CONTACT SUPPORT (page) Send us a message and we will email it UNZIPPED into chapters.

Is Nursing Test Banks dot Co legit?

Since 2014 Nursing Test Banks dot Co has been helping nursing students looking for test banks and working off of requests from them to get specific ones. Our group is studying and doing clinicals thru a 4 year RN program.

Is Nursing Test Banks dot Co safe?

YES, we have a Privacy Policy.

The website is locked down with SSL, Full business validated certificate, Highest strength 2048-bit signatures with 256 bit encryption. We do not collect any payment information. Only the bank will have the information you type into the financial form, we do not store any debit/credit card information or see it. We do not use cookie files. We respect your privacy and ours. We will never share your information with any third party.
What are nursing test banks?

Test Banks follow your textbook by table of contents, chapter-by-chapter they contain questions and answers, sometimes there are rationales, but that is based on the publisher. Nursing test banks may contain questions in multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, and essay/short answer. When test banks are updated to the new edition questions and answers, sometimes rationales may only change 1 to 2 questions or MANY questions, answers, rationales but that depends on what the publisher edits. Many instructors rely on these resources to develop their exams.

Do Nursing Test Banks work?

YES. Nursing Test Banks make great study aides and study guides to help you pass your classes. Questions, answers, and sometimes rationales are included if they are available. Textbook title, edition, and author needs to be matched correctly to your test bank question materials to make sure you are studying the best and most accurate set of information.