How Do I Find the Right Nursing Test Bank?

My Nursing Test Bank, Doesn’t Match What’s On My Exam! What Should I Study?

How Do I Find the Right Nursing Test Bank? We get this question all the time from our Request Tech Support (page). Don’t get us wrong here. The test bank for your textbook is important to buy. It will teach you the exact concepts you need to learn for the course. As a result, you will still need to get the test bank that matches your textbook. Don’t expect the test bank from your textbook to match the questions on your exams, exactly word for word. That would be too easy, and rarely happens. You need to find the Right Nursing Test Bank… by continuing to search for it.


How Do I Find the Right Nursing Test Bank?

Advanced Med Surg class, (I only shared what I had with 2 guy study buddies, and they shared with no one) we took the midterm exam and it was 75 questions, 70 of them were brunner and suddarth 14th edition test bank verbatim and 5 were medical surgical nursing 10th edition lewis test bank. Mind you, we are only assigned the Lewis book. Everyone else who took it is was scared and rightfully so, but I kept that to myself. Her quizzes were 70% Brunner and 30% Lewis so far, but the midterm was all Brunner. Yes, we achieved success, and it was awesome. Thank You.” from anonymous student. We went into the right-hand side of Test Banks into the Class Subject: Medical Surgical Nursing – Advanced Medical Surgical this section gives you an idea of all the test banks available and we found the 2 BEST ONES that fit our class exams.

Research Method – Get Creative

How Do I Find the Right Nursing Test Bank? You are gonna have to do some research and get creative. Check out other test banks in the Class Subjects area to find-what your Instructor is using for test questions. Most Instructors are too busy to make up their own questions. You have an incredible advantage if you can find the right nursing test bank. Use it to rock-on by acing your exams. You can go into each test bank and at the bottom in Description and see a chapter with the exact questions/answers/rationales. Nursing test banks follow your textbook you get all of the chapters. If the questions looks familiar, chances are you are found the right test bank to study!


Nurse Barbie Test Bank (page) use the Class Subjects: categories on the right

How Do I Find the Right Nursing Test Bank? 

 Nurse Barbie Test Bank (page): Go into Class Subjects: categories

  • First step is to go into the Nurse Barbie Test Bank (page): then your class subject to research the different title/edition/authors.
  • Second step is to Read the description as the bottom, which is a sample chapter and see if anything matches or looks familiar to what you had on your exam.
  • Third step is achieved when you find the right one, you will recognize it. We purchase and use 2 to 3 test banks per course to study per class.

You can do it, it just takes a bit of research and determination to succeed. We are all using the same study methods for vocational nurses, LPN, RN programs because they work. In conclusion, programs may vary one year to four years or bridging over, but the results are the same we continue to get good grades and hang in there all the way to graduation.

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You can do it too. Good Luck, ♥ Nurse Barbie

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