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How to Find the Right Nursing Test Bank…

My Nursing Test Bank, Doesn’t Match What’s On My Exam! What Should I Study?

How to Find the Right Nursing Test Bank? We get this question all the time from our Contact Us page. Don’t get us wrong here, the test bank for your textbook is important to get to teach you the exact concepts you need to learn for the course, so yes-you still need to get it. But don’t expect the test bank from your textbook even with the same edition, to match the questions on your exams, exactly word for word. That would be too easy, and rarely happens. You need to find the Right Nursing Test Bank… by continuing to search for it.

“Advanced Med Surg class, (I only shared what I had with 2 guy study buddies, and they shared with no one) we took the midterm exam and it was 75 questions, 70 of them were Brunner and Suddarth 13th edition test bank questions verbatim and 5 were medical surgical nursing Lewis 9th edition test bank . Mind you, we are only assigned the Lewis book. Everyone else who took it is was scared and rightfully so, but I kept that to myself. Her quizzes were 70% Brunner and 30% Lewis so far, but the midterm was all Brunner. Yes, we achieved success, and it was awesome. Thank You.” from anonymous student.

Research Method – Get Creative

You are gonna have to research and get creative, check out other test banks in your subject area to find-what your Instructor is using for test questions. Most of them are too busy to make up their own questions. You have an incredible advantage to find the right nursing test bank and using it to rock-on, by acing your exams.

Shop By Subject (page)

Go to, and find the Shop By Subject (page), then go into your class subject and go to each one by one of the different authors, read the sample, and see if anything matches or looks familiar to what you had on your exam. When you find the right one, you will recognize it. Sometimes we purchase 2 to 3 test banks per course to use to study. You can do it, it just takes a bit of research and determination to succeed. Been there-done that. Good Luck, ♥ N.B.

Pass Nursing Classes-Use Nursing Test Banks…

I consider myself a smart person but I don’t have time to download all of this knowledge into my brain.

My instructors are throwing nursing questions at me expecting answers. I read book after book hoping that I will be able to stay on top. Going to nursing classes and clinicals every day, I don’t have enough hours in the day and night to read and study. It only takes one bad test grade or nursing quiz or failing a clinical to destroy everything that I have worked so hard for. The classes are tough and getting smaller. Smart people are failing out because studying is not enough.

Pass Nursing Classes-Use Nursing Test Banks

Understand the material and the way questions are asked. Accomplish this by studying what you are going to be tested on. The best way to do this is using nursing test banks. They are the actual questions that can show up on your tests. By studying these you know what they want from you. You can discern what’s important to study and what’s not. I wish I had known about these sooner. I made a lot of B’s, when I could have A’s in my nursing classes!

Get Study Buddies

Going to nursing school, I quickly developed a study group of 3 other smart people. We broke down the material and each bought tons of stuff to study the NCLEX review study guides, q and a mp3s and videos from the Internet. It just wasn’t enough. We also had to learn how to be great test takers. You must be able to read into the question without getting tripped up, and pick the best answer – when all sound good. Narrowing it down to 2 answers is still is not good enough!

That’s why you need questions from a testing bank. These are real questions that have been used in the past and on current tests. We couldn’t have made it without them and we did pass everything so far in our four year RN program. In conclusion, I share this with you because I know what it’s like to be you. Be successful in passing your nursing classes and you will become the best nurse that you can be. I wish you success, and hope that you take advantage of using test questions from real nursing test banks you can get here at

Good Luck, ♥N.S.