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NCLEX Study Guide - 15 pages

NCLEX Questions are just common sense practice, treat the underlying cause. Medical terminology is a difficult subject for us students to master, because of the amount of material that must be memorized. Auditory and visual learners should approach the following material differently: Visual learners need to make flash cards and have visual stimuli for learning to occur. Auditory learners should listen to mp3s, be prepared to pronounce and record the following terminology for best results. Repetition is the key for both groups of individuals.

NCLEX Questions are for nursing students who need the skills and knowledge to pass the NCLEX examination. Resources are available to help students who are studying to take the NCLEX examination can use: NCLEX Reviews, Study Guides, Study Reviews, MP3s and Videos.

NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Examination the exam that nurses take to become licensed in the United States, Guam, North Mariana Islands, American Samoa, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc develops and administers the examinations.  Nurses dominate the health care field and have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of each patient they help. Nursing requires qualified, licensed nurses to take care of patients. Students can earn their nursing degrees from a variety of educational institutions. The best way to increase marketability as a nurse is to earn your nursing license after earning a nursing degree.

Completing a nursing school program is only half of the battle, you still have to pass the NCLEX examination to be licensed. Get some NCLEX Questions.

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