NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy! 6th edition Lippincott eBook


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NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy! 6th edition Lippincott eBook

Part I Surviving the NCLEX®

1 Preparing for the NCLEX®

2 Passing the NCLEX®

Part II Care of the adult

3 Cardiovascular disorders

4 Hematologic & immune disorders

5 Respiratory disorders

6 Neurosensory disorders

7 Musculoskeletal disorders

8 Gastrointestinal disorders

9 Endocrine disorders

10 Genitourinary disorders

11 Integumentary disorders

Part III Care of the psychiatric client

12 Essentials of psychiatric care

13 Somatoform & sleep disorders

14 Anxiety & mood disorders

15 Cognitive disorders

16 Personality disorders

17 Schizophrenic & delusional disorders

18 Substance abuse disorders

19 Dissociative disorders

20 Sexual & gender identity disorders

21 Eating disorders

Part IV Maternal-neonatal care

22 Antepartum care

23 Intrapartum care

24 Postpartum care

25 Neonatal care

Part V Care of the child

26 Growth & development

27 Cardiovascular disorders

28 Hematologic & immune disorders

29 Respiratory disorders

30 Neurosensory disorders

31 Musculoskeletal disorders

32 Gastrointestinal disorders

33 Endocrine disorders

34 Genitourinary disorders

35 Integumentary disorders

Part VI Issues in nursing

36 Management & leadership

37 Ethical & legal issues

Appendices and index

Comprehensive test 1

Comprehensive test 2

Comprehensive test 3

Comprehensive test 4

Comprehensive test 5

Comprehensive test 6


Chapter 1 Preparing for the NCLEX®

NCLEX® basics

Passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) is

an important landmark in your career as a nurse. The first step on

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

• about the NCLEX® and why you must take it

• what you need to know about taking the

NCLEX by computer

• strategies to use when answering NCLEX questions

• how to recognize and answer alternate-format questions

• how to avoid common mistakes when taking the NCLEX.

your way to passing the NCLEX is to understand what it is and how it’s administered.


NCLEX® structure

The NCLEX is a test written by nurses who, like most of your nursing instructors, have an advanced degree and clinical expertise in a particular area. Only one small difference distinguishes nurses who write NCLEX questions: They’re trained to write questions in a style particular to the NCLEX.

If you’ve completed an accredited nursing program, you’ve already taken numerous tests written by nurses with backgrounds and experiences similar to those of the nurses who write for the NCLEX. The test-taking experience you’ve already gained will help you pass the NCLEX. So your NCLEX review should be just that—a review.


What’s the point of it all?

The NCLEX is designed for one purpose: to determine whether it’s appropriate for you to receive a license to practice as a nurse. By passing the NCLEX, you demonstrate that you possess the minimum level of knowledge necessary to practice nursing safely.

NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy! 6th edition Lippincott eBook

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NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy! 6th edition Lippincott eBook
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