NCLEX Study Guide – 15 pages


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NCLEX Study Guide – 15 pages

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare… Get in a grove and this will enable you to feel physically, emotionally, and intellectually ready… NCLEX Questions are just ‘common sense’ practice…  Remember… treat the underlyingcause (treat the PATHOPHYSIOLOGY not just the symptoms).




Get a couple of NCLEX books that is category specific and look at the Pathology/Conditions they talk about… You’ll find some common themes…


Confidence is KEY!!


Critical Thinking: What does the term critical thinkingmean? Critical thinking is  problem solving that involves thinking creatively. It requires that the RN:

  • Observe
  • Decide what is important
  • Look for Patterns and relationships
  • Identify normal and abnormal
  • Identify the problem
  • Apply knowledge
  • Transfer knowledge from one situation to another
  • Evaluate according to established criteria


Breaking Down the Question Types


Knowledge Questions

  • AlphabetQues– (e.g.,– ABC’s)
  • Acronyms– (e.g., ABG’s)
  • Acrostics– Phrase or motto or verse in which a letter of each word prompts the memory to retrieve information.
  • Mneumonic– a phrase, motto, or verse that jogs the memory. Differs from an acrostic in that no every word is related to a specific piece of information.

Comprehension Questions:

  • Explore ‘Why’s’ and ‘Hows’
  • Study in Small Groups

Application Questions

  • Relate New Information to Prior Learning
  • Recognize Commonalities

Analysis Questions:

  • Recognize Differences – learn to discriminate among facts.
  • Practice Test Taking – Gradually increase test taking time until you become proficient in concentrating for 2-3 hours. This will help you concentrate more effectively during a shorter test.

                                              The ‘RACE’ Approach

Regognize what information is in the stem

  • Recognize they key words in the stem
  • Recognize who the patient is in the stem
  • Recognize what the topic is all about


Ask what is the question asking

  • Ask what are they key words in the stem that indicate the need for a response
  • Ask what the question is asking me to do.


Critically analyze the options in relation to the question asked in the stem

  • Critically scrutinize each option in relation to the information in the stem
  • Critically identify a rationale for each option
  • Critically compare and contrast the options in relation to the information in the stem and their relationships to one another


Eliminate as many options as possible.

Eliminate one option at a time

NCLEX Study Guide – 15 pages

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NCLEX Study Guide - 15 pages
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