NLN Live Review NCLEX-RN Post Test & Answers


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NLN Live Review NCLEX-RN Post Test & Answers

NLN Live Review NCLEX-RN Post Test


  1. An adult patient who has a deep vein thrombosis is ordered to be discharged from the hospital on enoxaprin (Lovenox}. The nurse is teaching the patient how to administer the medication. Which of the following statements indicates a need for more teaching?
    1. a. “I will give the medication in abdomen.”
    2. b. “I should aspirate back after I insert the needle into the skin.”
    3. c. “I need to call the physician if I see more bruising than usual.”
    4. d. “I should use about a 45 degree angle when aiming the needle at the skin.”

2.  A nurse is conducting an assessment on a 6-year-old who is admitted to the emergency department in severe respiratory distress. Which of the following findings would be a priority concern to the nurse?

2. a. Drooling, high fever, shortness of breath

2. b. Expiratory wheeze, cough, increased work of breathing

2. c. Inspiratory stridor, pink skin color, mild nasal flaring

2. d. Copious secretions, course breath sounds, low grade temperature


3. Which of the following meals would be most appropriate for a patient who has advanced liver disease?

3. a. Chicken, fresh green beans, boiled potatoes

3. b. Prepared soup, bread, salad

3. c. Lean beef, peas, cole slaw

3. d. Pasta, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese


4. A nurse is caring for a patient who has been diagnosed with clinical depression. The patient is ordered to receive amytriptyline (Elavil}.

During the first few weeks of treatment the nurse plans to be extra vigilant for:

4. a. Neutropenia

4. b. Suicidal ideations

4. c. Anorexia

4. d. Behavior


5. A patient is ordered to receive metroprolol (Lopressor) for hypertension. Which of the following, if expressed by the patient, causes

the greatest level of concern for the nurse?

5. a. “I enjoy a beer at night during dinner.”

5. b. “I am also taking a diuretic.”

5. c. “My family has a history of hypertension.”

5. d. “I normally have a very low heart rate.”


6. A nurse is caring for a patient receiving osmitrol (Mannitol). Which of the following outcomes indicates a positive effect of this


6. a. A decrease in intraocular pressure

6. b. A decrease in urine specific gravity

6. c. Oliguria

6. d. An increase in intracranial pressure


7. A patient admitted with lightheadedness and fatigue. reports a history of vomiting for the last several days. After ensuring the

patient’s safety which of the following would be a priority assessment for the nurse?

7. a. Temperature

7. b. Breath sounds

7. c. Blood pressure

7. d. Urine output


8. A Registered Nurse (RN} is making the shift assignment for two other RNs on a telemetry unit. One RN has worked on the unit for two

years and the other RN has been transferred from a medical surgical unit. Which of the following patients would be most appropriate

to assign to the transferred nurse?

8. a. A 46 year old in atrial fibrillation to be cardioverted

8. b. A post-operative patient with a wound infection following cardiac surgery

8. c. A 76 client with unstable angina

8. d. A pre-operative client having open heart surgery tomorrow

NLN Live Review NCLEX-RN Post Test & Answers

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NLN Live Review NCLEX-RN Post Test & Answers
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