Nursing in Today’s World: Trends, Issues and Management 9th (Comprehensive) Ellis Test Bank


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nursing in today’s world, trends, issues and management 9th (comprehensive) ellis test bank

Nursing in Today’s World 9e Comprehensive Test Bank

by Janice Rider Ellis and Celia Love Hartley

This Test Bank Corresponds to the Instructor Edition of the Text

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1)The “Tour for Cure” is an annual bike relay sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. Entrants are sponsored for each mile by voluntary donations, which go to the MS Society to fund research activities and provide services to those diagnosed with MS. The Tour highlights awareness and public education of the disease. As a voluntary health agency, select two additional functions the MS Society can accomplish. 1) _______

A)Health planning and organization

B)Enforce laws and regulations that help to diagnose and treat those with MS

C)Promote legislation through lobbying

D)Ensure sufficient health professionals to care for those with MS

2)Among the suggestions for health system reform from the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Quality of Health Care in America is: 2) _______

A)Avoiding waste of resources.

B)Providing evidence-based services to those who can benefit from them and withholding services from those who cannot benefit from them.

C)Reducing waits and delays in services provided.

D)Individualizing care based on client needs and values.

3)The March of Dimes has instituted a public awareness campaign to decrease premature births. It has also conducted media campaigns to raise public awareness of this health problem in addition to research about prematurity and government lobbying efforts. Official government efforts to address prematurity include research and public awareness. The March of Dimes is a voluntary agency. The primary emphasis of the March of Dimes campaign is on:

3) _______

A)Funding, research, and education.

B)Research, education, and policy development.

C)Policy development, research, and public health practice.

D)Education, policy development, and funding.

4)After a hurricane has devastated an area, the United States Public Health service sends a group of health care workers to open satellite clinics in the area. This action is best considered: 4) _______

A)Preventing epidemics and the spread of disease.

B)Promoting healthy behavior and good mental health.

C)Ensuring quality and accessibility of needed health care services.

D)Preventing injury.

5)Increasing rehabilitative services in a community where population majority is older than 65 involves: 5) _______

A)Secondary prevention level. B) Primary prevention level.

C)Disease prevention level. D) Tertiary prevention level.

6)An example of diagnosing and investigating health problems and hazards in the community is:

6) _______

A)Providing asthma education programs to local elementary school teachers.

B)Correlating pediatric asthma visits to the local ED with local emissions from a nearby fuel plant.

C)Informing the local health department about the increased rise in asthma attacks.

D)Lobbying the local fuel plant to decrease its emissions.

7)The nurse has been monitoring the community’s rates of cardiac disease and sees that they are increasing. The nurse holds a community forum to address the impact of cardiac disease on the community’s health. Those attending are given information about cardiac disease including interventions related to diet and exercise to decrease risk. Several church groups who attend the forum offer to host health fairs to provide additional information to the community as well as transportation to physician visits for older community members. Public health services exemplified in this situation include: (Select all that apply.) 7) _______

A)Monitoring health status to identify health problems.

B)Informing, educating, and empowering people regarding health issues.

C)Diagnosing and investigating health problems and hazards.

D)Mobilizing community partnerships to identify and solve health problems.

8)The organizational structure of the United States health care delivery system can

best be described by three subsystems: 8) _______

A)Scientific health system, complementary health system, and popular health system.

B)Personal health system, popular health system, and scientific health system.

C)Popular health system, alternative health system, and scientific health system.

D)Scientific health system, complementary health system, and alternative health system.

9)West Nile virus has been diagnosed in the state. The state health department has ordered mosquito spraying in the affected area and public service announcements are being broadcast in the local media to alert the population to drain water from loose tires and other areas where there may be stagnant water. What obligations are being addressed by the state health department? (Select all that apply.) 9) _______

A)Protect the public from environmental hazards.

B)Prevent injury.

C)Promote healthy behavior and good mental health.

D)Respond to disasters and assist.

E)Prevent epidemics and the spread of disease.

10)The client is experiencing nasal congestion from a cold. The client self-administers an over-the-counter cold product to alleviate symptoms. The best description of the health care system the client is using is: 10) ______

A)Complementary health care. B) Popular health care.

C)Scientific health care. D) Personal health care.

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nursing in today’s world, trends, issues and management 9th (comprehensive) ellis test bank

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