Psychology and Work Today 10th edition Schultz, Test Bank & Instr. Manual


  • Psychology and Work Today 10th edition Schultz, Test Bank & Instr. Manual
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  • Published: 2009
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Psychology and Work Today 10th edition Schultz, Test Bank & Instr. Manual

CHAPTER 1 Principles, Practices, and Problems


After reading and studying Chapter 1, students should be able to:

  • Describe Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology, what I-O psychologists do, and where they work.
  • Outline the scope and history of I-O psychology.
  • Understand how I-O psychologists conduct research.
  • Identify the major areas of I-O psychology.
  • Explain the contemporary challenges facing I-O psychologists.
  • Know what they can do with an I-O major.
  • Describe the problems faced by I-O psychologists. LECTURE OUTLINE
    Why Do We Work?Is it just about the money? What else is there?Personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and pride of accomplishment Emotional security, self-esteem, and contentment
    Identity and status, friendships and belongingWhat is I-O Psychology?Def. – The application of the methods, facts, and principles of psychology to people at work. It is a SCIENCE
    Deals with observable behaviorBehaviors reflect underlying psychological processes Empirical in its approach to research
    Objective in its methods and resultsTopics of Interest for I-O PsychologistsHuman Resources Development SelectionTesting
    Performance appraisal Training & DevelopmentOrganizational Psychology LeadershipMotivation, satisfaction, Involvement OrganizationCopyright © 2010, 2006, 2002 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Schultz & Schultz 10e 1 Chapter 1

Workplace Characteristics Working conditions Safety, violence & health Stress

Engineering Psychology

Consumer Psychology

Research Methods used by I-O Psychologists

Observe the behavior of employees on the job under well-controlled and systematic conditions Record behavioral responses
Vary the conditions and measure resulting changes
Look, listen, measure, and record according to scientific method

The Pioneers of I/O

Walter Dill Scott (1869-1955)
First to apply psychology to advertising, employee selection, & management Wrote Theory and Practice of Advertising (1903)
Formed first consulting company in Industrial Psychology (1919)

Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916)
The Psychology of Industrial Efficiency (1913)
Goal of improving worker efficiency
Used tests to measure skills and match workers to jobs Conducted research in the workplace
Wrongfully accused of being a German spy in WWI

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Psychology and Work Today 10th edition Schultz, Test Bank & Instr. Manual